Former Chief Economist of Spotify- Will Page appeared on Trapital- a podcast on the business of Hip-Hop Music, and it was a masterclass in learning about the Music Industry
Last week, an unexpected storm cancelled a Music Festival in Paraguay, leading to massive uproar by fans & Doja Cat making a shocking revelation
Noët All, one of the infamous 10,000 Bored Ape NFT's, just became the manager of a virtual music band called 'KINGSHIP'
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The latest game to be cloned from the viral game 'Wordle', Heardle is here to test every audiophile's knowledge
American fitness company Peloton's unique model and use of music means that artists actually get paid more from it, than via streaming apps like Spotify
Frustrated with being taken for a ride by the Music Industry over the years, Kanye West is set to drop his next album: Donda 2, exclusively on a $200…
Life comes a full circle for Snoop as he acquires his original label Death Row Records in a curious case of an artist re-acquiring his own catalog
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